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Dining in New Rochelle – Dubrovnik!

ew Rochelle is great in so many ways, and when you visit a nice restaurant, it is always nice to share your dining experience!  I took clients (and friends) to the Dubrovnik Restaurant  to celebrate their sale, and we were there for nearly 3 hours! We had so much fun! Firstly, the restaurant has a wonderful warm atmosphere, and of course it is decorated beautiful and tastefully for the Holidays. The service was impeccable, and when the waiter boned Rickie’s Bronzino,  it was done quickly and expertly. 

Known for its fish dishes, the waiter had brought over the night’s selection, and James chose the skate, Rickie the Bronzino,  and I chose the ‘Mama Tereza” which was an assortment of shellfish (clams, steamed lobster, mussels, shrimp and clams) served over linguine with white wine sauce. We started off with  sharing a beet salad which comprised of both golden and red beets and was delicious, and a grilled octopus.   All good.  James Skate dish was served with an asparagus risotto which was really good, and every dish looked great!

The restaurant is located at 721 Main Street, New Rochelle, and the phone number is 914 637-3777.  New Rochelle is GREAT!



New Rochelle a City – but with a Village Feel!

A local Salvadoran restaurant! La Esquina Salvadorana 11..

I first had the privilege of meeting my friend James, years ago when he was selling a beautiful “Painted Lady Victorian home” on Mayflower Avenue. Beautifully renovated,  and through James’ hard work,  the home was one of the first homes in New Rochelle  given a Heritage Award.  That sort of describes James.  He worked so hard to bring the neighborhood together with a neighborhood association – which was basically a yearly gathering of the young professionals in the area getting together for  Holiday parties.

Viva La Rancha Grocery.. so many spices!

When it was time for  James to purchase again,  he of course wanted to return to New Rochelle, and we had so much fun  looking at various coop apartments together. Actually, with his significant other, Ricky! They found their 2 bedroom coop, have renovated it to perfection (but that is just them!), and whenever we get together, the hours pass by so quickly,  with nice conversation and fun!  James is the type of person who will send you that inspirational note that just makes you smile throughout the day.

Ricky and James getting married by Mayor Noam Bransom!




Lupita’s Tattoo Parlor!

Since James is such a goodwill Ambassador, I asked him to take some photos around our fair city,  and to let me know how he feels about New Rochelle. I should also mention that when he told Mayor Noam Bransom he was returning, and getting married, Noam insisted on performing the ceremony!  I guess that also describes our city too. We might BE a city, but we are just a close knit community too…Ricky and James are simply lovely, and are so happy they chose New Rochelle – where it is close to the city where they work, and yet offers so much more …

Here is why James and Ricky chose New Rochelle:

1) Everything is 5 blocks away!

* 3 beautiful parks on Long Island Sound
* the best & biggest? fruit & vegetable market in Westchester
* an awesome bakery
* 30 non-chain restaurants
* two full size supermarkets
* A bookstore
* A modern multiplex theater
* Banks
*  big library with cultural & kid programs
* High end consignment shop with on-site design services
* Two gyms
* Metro North station – 30 minutes to Grand Central
* Amtrak stop with trains to Boston &DC
*  my favorite tattoo shop

Other thoughts on New Rochelle!

2) The Mayor married us!
3)  you can still afford to buy a place!
4) it really is a big diverse city full of interesting characters
5)  it’s a small town where everyone is related to or knows somebody you know
6)  it’s quiet enough to sleep with your Windows open
7)  it’s fun and funny

That also describes Ricky and James! – Fun and funny!

Come and visit New Rochelle – you will love it!

New Rochelle is GREAT!