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College Choices for New Rochelle’s Top 33 Students

Each year, the Principal usually announces the top 25 students college choices at the award ceremony. This year, since there were 33 students with GPA’s of over 100, Mr. Richardson announced the top 33 students  college choices! While I am just listing the colleges,  please know that each student was so qualified in every respect. 

  1.  Princeton – Studying Math and or Philosophy
  2.  Harvard – Engineering
  3.  Yale University – Political Science
  4.  Dartmouth College – Environmental or Biological Engineering
  5.  John’s Hopkins – Bio-Medical Program & Computer Science   Dual Program
  6.  Georgia Institute of Technology – Aerospace Engineering
  7.  University of Michigan – Psychology or Political Science
  8.  Amherst – Playing Soccer! Studying Neuroscience & Psychology
  9.  Purdue University – Engineering
  10.  University of California at Los Angeles – Political Science
  11.  Washington University in St. Louis – Psychiatrist
  12.   Middlebury College – Political Science
  13.   Yale University – Law School for Foreign Relations
  14.   New York University – Student scored a PERFECT score in the SAT’s in Math
  15.   Villanova University
  16.   Cornell University
  17.   Belmont University – Academic Scholarship majoring in Music
  18.   University of Michigan – Ross School of Biusiness
  19.   Cornell University – Neurologist
  20.   Brown University –  Her goal?  United States Senator!
  21.   SUNY Binghamton  – Business & Math
  22.   University of Michigan – Public Health Field of Medicine –  Pediatrician
  23.   University of Texas at Austin – Mechanical Engineering
  24.   Binghamton University – Computer Science
  25.   Cornell University – Business
  26.   University of Oregon – Clark Honors Program
  27.   Providence College – Biology  Engineering
  28.   University of Maryland – Psychology & Early Childhood Development
  29.   University of Pittsburgh Honors Program – Mechanical Engineer
  30.   Florida State University – High School Teacher & Writer
  31.   Tufts – Medicine & Computer Science
  32.   Cornell University – Business
  33.   New York University –  Finance


New Rochelle is GREAT!



2017 Paine to Pain Half Marathon

A wonderful annual tradition, New Rochelle’s “Paine to Pain Half Marathon” organized by the New Ro Runners. Aptly named as Thomas Paine used to live in New Rochelle, and there is both an avenue and a museum and cottage named after him! Yes, New Rochelle is rich in history!  Not for the feint of heart as the trail is tough, but everyone of the 700+ runners were all winners today for the 10th Annual race. There was a descendant of Thomas Paine who raced, a blind racer (yet undaunted and so admired), so many wonderful racers who faced a little rain to participate this morning.  There were 5 ‘waves’ depending upon capability – but ALL were so capable.  Eric Turkewitz,  the race founder was on hand, the many  volunteers of course and other race directors, along with the Mayor of New Rochelle, the Fife and Drum corp of Paine Cottage and Museum ( I just gave them that title not knowing how to address them so please forgive me!) …  A wonderful  Thomas Paine quote was shared this morning by one of the officials  ” That which we attain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.”   I can truly say that every runner today was held in high esteem by all!  New Rochelle is GREAT!