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Welcome to 22 Argyll Avenue, New Rochelle, 10804

MLS# 4824953     Welcome home to this 2710 square foot 5 bedroom, 4 bath Tudor home with its exquisite architectural detailing. The vaulted ceiling in the living room compliments the stone fireplace, and beautiful large picture window. There is a distinctive wrought iron entrance way to an office adjacent to the living room, & you will love the formal dining room which overlooks the living room – so perfect for entertaining! The large modern kitchen features a new walk-in pantry that is sublime as is the newly paved patio which is easily accessed via the kitchen. The patio is the perfect setting for all entertaining. The two first floor bedrooms both have en suite bathrooms which is both unusual and great. One is currently being used as a den, the other an office – your choice! The spacious master bedroom has a new en suite bathroom, great closet space, and there are 2 additional bedrooms and a renovated hall bath. Gas heat, NEW roof, windows replaced, upgraded electrical and all just 35 minutes to New York City. This charming home is being offered at $699,000.

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2018 New Rochelle Colonial Fair held on the Thomas Paine Museum Lawn

The weather was sublime, the attendance  lovely, and all who DID attend had a wonderful time thanks to the many volunteers to make it so.  Held on April 14th, 2018,  the Annual Colonial Fair was a great success! there was candle making, singing by  Thomas Hooker Hanford ,  there was a blacksmith,   story teller,  Colonial Soldiers and more!     Senator George Latimer even popped by to say hello!

The entrance fee was nominal – just $5 for adults, and $3 for children! The Cottage and Museum is located on Paine Avenue, and  the contact information is as follows:

     phone number is (914)633-1776.
You may reach the Historic Society members by email at

New Rochelle is GREAT!

Paw’s Place – a Wonderful Park for Fido!

I have written about Paws Place before. It is a  wonderful dog park located in New Rochelle’s Ward Acres. For just $50 a year, you can obtain a park pass, and entree to  a wonderful social event (for your pooch!)…

However, there is also a great plus. You can also share doggie stories, learn how to best to adapt to make sure your dog is the King/Queen of the home (of course),  and it is always a fun time.. There is also a smaller park area for the smaller pooches..

I popped over to the park yesterday. I HAD to!  I have been so busy in all matters real estate, and while I walk my dog 3 times a day, I also want him to have fun with other dogs. It had weighing on my mind and conscience the entire week, that I had not been to the park, and after an open house, off I went. He had fun. He always does, but I also heard a lovely little dog story that I must share.

A  lady was recalling a story. She said that years ago, people would let their dogs roam free (and that was how the dogs would attach the mailmen!) . One such dog who belonged to a store owner would accompany the local postal worker and follow him on his mail delivery area. The dog would walk along with him, and then the mail carrier, after finishing his delivery route,  would then place the dog in his car, and drive him back to the store. SO, one day, the mail carrier was going on vacation, and he told his vacation replacement to expect and look out for the special pooch who would be accompanying him , and told him to let him go with him, and then return him to the store after he finished his deliveries. The mailman returned from vacation, and the part time worker exclaimed  “that dog is unbelievable! He showed me all of the short cuts and made my deliveries that much quicker!”

It was such a lovely story, and I had to share…  but going to the dog park is sharing too.. we all care, and that is New Rochelle!

New Rochelle is great!


New Rochelle a City – but with a Village Feel!

A local Salvadoran restaurant! La Esquina Salvadorana 11..

I first had the privilege of meeting my friend James, years ago when he was selling a beautiful “Painted Lady Victorian home” on Mayflower Avenue. Beautifully renovated,  and through James’ hard work,  the home was one of the first homes in New Rochelle  given a Heritage Award.  That sort of describes James.  He worked so hard to bring the neighborhood together with a neighborhood association – which was basically a yearly gathering of the young professionals in the area getting together for  Holiday parties.

Viva La Rancha Grocery.. so many spices!

When it was time for  James to purchase again,  he of course wanted to return to New Rochelle, and we had so much fun  looking at various coop apartments together. Actually, with his significant other, Ricky! They found their 2 bedroom coop, have renovated it to perfection (but that is just them!), and whenever we get together, the hours pass by so quickly,  with nice conversation and fun!  James is the type of person who will send you that inspirational note that just makes you smile throughout the day.

Ricky and James getting married by Mayor Noam Bransom!




Lupita’s Tattoo Parlor!

Since James is such a goodwill Ambassador, I asked him to take some photos around our fair city,  and to let me know how he feels about New Rochelle. I should also mention that when he told Mayor Noam Bransom he was returning, and getting married, Noam insisted on performing the ceremony!  I guess that also describes our city too. We might BE a city, but we are just a close knit community too…Ricky and James are simply lovely, and are so happy they chose New Rochelle – where it is close to the city where they work, and yet offers so much more …

Here is why James and Ricky chose New Rochelle:

1) Everything is 5 blocks away!

* 3 beautiful parks on Long Island Sound
* the best & biggest? fruit & vegetable market in Westchester
* an awesome bakery
* 30 non-chain restaurants
* two full size supermarkets
* A bookstore
* A modern multiplex theater
* Banks
*  big library with cultural & kid programs
* High end consignment shop with on-site design services
* Two gyms
* Metro North station – 30 minutes to Grand Central
* Amtrak stop with trains to Boston &DC
*  my favorite tattoo shop

Other thoughts on New Rochelle!

2) The Mayor married us!
3)  you can still afford to buy a place!
4) it really is a big diverse city full of interesting characters
5)  it’s a small town where everyone is related to or knows somebody you know
6)  it’s quiet enough to sleep with your Windows open
7)  it’s fun and funny

That also describes Ricky and James! – Fun and funny!

Come and visit New Rochelle – you will love it!

New Rochelle is GREAT!