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2017 Paine to Pain Half Marathon

A wonderful annual tradition, New Rochelle’s “Paine to Pain Half Marathon” organized by the New Ro Runners. Aptly named as Thomas Paine used to live in New Rochelle, and there is both an avenue and a museum and cottage named after him! Yes, New Rochelle is rich in history!  Not for the feint of heart as the trail is tough, but everyone of the 700+ runners were all winners today for the 10th Annual race. There was a descendant of Thomas Paine who raced, a blind racer (yet undaunted and so admired), so many wonderful racers who faced a little rain to participate this morning.  There were 5 ‘waves’ depending upon capability – but ALL were so capable.  Eric Turkewitz,  the race founder was on hand, the many  volunteers of course and other race directors, along with the Mayor of New Rochelle, the Fife and Drum corp of Paine Cottage and Museum ( I just gave them that title not knowing how to address them so please forgive me!) …  A wonderful  Thomas Paine quote was shared this morning by one of the officials  ” That which we attain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.”   I can truly say that every runner today was held in high esteem by all!  New Rochelle is GREAT!